Sunday, October 22, 2006

One Of These Days

A guy can dream can't he?

Earlier last week I stood at one of the easternmost parts of Canada and looked across the Atlantic (by faith) to Bristol, England.

One of these days I'll hop on a plane, fly to London, rent a car and drive to Bristol. 'Til then I'll continue dreaming of the day I arrive on Ashley Down in Bristol where George Muller's orphanages stood.

Praise God for the legacy Mr. Muller left!

Note: The buildings that Muller used for his orphanages (pictured) are still standing but they are now used by the City of Bristol College. It will still be exciting to see them!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More Comments on Muller's Autobiography

I thought the following quotes regarding Muller's autobiography were worth sharing. What an excellent, comprehensive volume!

George Muller: An Autobiography - George Muller

"I am so pleased that Westminster Literature Resources has published this new edition of George Muller's Autobiography. The story you will read in these pages is one of the most remarkable episodes in the history of the Christian church. As you read through its pages, you will see something of the growth of the man and his ideas. His conviction was that God is the living God and the secret of life is to delight yourself in Him." - Roger Steer, Author and Trustee of the British and Foreign Bible Society

"George Muller has for years been a pace-setter for me in prayer. His Autobiography is a veritable orchard of faith-building fruit. I have found Muller's way absolutely crucial in my own life: to be with the Lord before I am with anyone else and let Him speak to me first." - John Piper, Bethlehem Baptist Church

ISBN 0-9647552-0-3 Clothbound, 736 pages