Friday, September 28, 2007

In Retrospect

George Muller...

Finally in 1898 he died a blessed servant of the Lord. Throughout his life God had never let him down. He was blessed with the funds to found and run Ashley Downs, which included five houses. God allowed him to establish 117 schools and train 123,000 pupils. Over the years God enabled him to pass out 275,000 Bibles. All this and more was donated without Mueller mentioning a single word to anyone but the Lord.

As he neared his later years he described his faith saying, “I have never been permitted to doubt during the last sixty-nine years that my sins were forgiven, that I am a child of God, that I am beloved of God, and that I shall be finally saved; because I am enabled, by the grace of God to exercise faith upon the word of God, and I believe what God says in those passages which settle these matters.”

In faith the prodigal son was led home.

Visible Proof

In December 1835, George Müller wrote in his diary,

"If I, a poor man, simply by prayer and faith, obtained without asking any individual the means for establishing and carrying on an Orphan-House then this would provide visible proof that God is FAITHFUL STILL and HEARS PRAYER STILL."

Ordinary Man...Extraordinary God

Taken from the Muller Foundation Web Site:


George Müller was an ordinary man, but his undeniable faith, implicit trust and love for God has the same impact on the world today as when he died in 1898. This continues to be an inspiration and witness to all who commit their lives to God.

One of the many fascinating aspects of George Müller's life is that it illustrates very simply the power of God. There are those who find it difficult to accept the authenticity of much of the scriptures and view many of the remarkable stories with scepticism. George Müller received £1,500,000 in answer to prayer without ever needing to ask for funds. At present day prices, this would be well over £75,000,000. Had this happened two or three thousand years ago the same sceptics would, undoubtedly, have questioned its authenticity. As it happened in the latter part of the nineteenth century with modern records and factual evidence, the facts can be challenged but certainly not disputed.

What is perhaps even more remarkable is that it is the SAME TODAY. The George Müller Foundation makes no appeals, yet through the same trust in God, money is received almost daily for the Homes, for the Elderly work and also for The Scriptural Knowledge Institution, which aids the work of missionaries world-wide.

George Müller was the faithful servant whom God used. This fact has an intriguing parallel with many Biblical characters.

David's note: Has God changed since Muller's homecall? Is His arm shortened that He cannot provide? I must answer with a resounding NO!