Monday, December 22, 2008

An Hour With George Muller

Here's a link to a very interesting interview with George Muller entitled An Hour With George Muller. Check it out. You'll be encouraged to trust God more! This interview was conducted by a Mr. Charles Parsons.

Here are some of his reflections concerning his time with Muller:

"From another room Mr. Muller fetched a copy of his life, in which he inscribed my name. His absence afforded me an opportunity of looking around the apartment. The furniture was of the plainest description, useful and in harmony with the man of God who had been talking to me. It is a great principle with George Muller that it does not become the children of God to be ostentatious in style, appointments, dress, or manner of living. He believes that expensiveness and luxury are not seemly in those who are the professed disciples of the meek and lowly One who had not where to lay His head. On a desk lay an open Bible, of clear type, without notes or references.

This, I thought, is the abode of the mightiest man, spiritually considered, of modern times—a man specially raised up to show to a cold, calculating, selfish age the realities of the things, of God, and to teach the Church how much she might gain if only she were wise enough to take hold the Omnipotent Arm."

Check out the link for more!

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