Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Guardian of Bristol's Orphans

I'm always on the lookout for new books or new editions of books on the life of George Muller, Here's another one with the accompanying description. I found this one in a listing of OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship) books. - David

“God has given me a mission field right here, and I will live and die in it.”

With scarcely enough food or money for his own family, George Müller opened his heart and home to orphans who had no other place to go. Sustained by God’s provision, the Müller house “Breakfast Club” of thirty orphans grew to five large houses that ultimately over ten thousand children would call home.

George Müller trusted God with a depth rarely seen. Let his faith and generosity challenge you to an unshakable commitment to share Christ's love, no matter the cost.

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MDavidson said...

Hello, I just read of George Mueller telling of his faith & of his assertation that, "In answer to my prayers, thousands of souls have been saved, " he went on. "I shall meet tens of thousands of them in Heaven." I just want to say that our prayers & work for the Lord may be more far reaching than any of us could ever imagine. My great-grandmother was orphaned & placed in George Mueller's care when she was 8 in 1854. Her sister was taken in by an aunt who felt she couldn't care for both girls. Mary Ann received a careful Christian upbringing in the orphanage, she was a godly women and raised godly children. To this day I feel that dear man's prayers have been a blessing in my family. My own two daughters have confessed the Lord & it is a blessing beyond price, a truly precious heritage. I love to share this with people, it is often an encouragement to me.