Saturday, May 16, 2009

Real Heroes

Each week we receive a report which indicates the number of visitors we have had here at the George Muller site.

It's fascinating to see how many different countries these hits have been from. This morning I received notification of a "hit" from a web site entitled
"Real Heroes".

The people at this site have a link to this blog for which I'm grateful.
Check out their George Muller page here.

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One thing I notice in all of Mr. Muller teachings about faith and trusting God, he never mention anything about sowing seed, god answered all his prayers simply off faith and trust in Him, I'm sure he paid tithes to the Lord, however, we know ever seed reproduces after it's own kind, so if Mr. Muller got all these things on faith and trust alone, the present day church needs to really look at seed faith since it's a big topic, not to mention god said he will not be mocked. Please show me some proof that he didn't receive all these blessings without ever sowing into good soil.