Friday, August 31, 2012

Joy In Serving Jesus

Oswald J. Smith
The late Oswald. J. Smith, missionary statesman, author and pastor, penned a beloved hymn that states "There is joy in serving Jesus."

George Muller echoes those sentiments in this quote:

“I am not only content simply to be a hammer, an axe, or a saw, in God’s hands; but I shall count it an honor to be taken up and used by Him in any way; and if sinners are converted through my instrumentality, from my inmost soul I will give Him all the glory. The Lord gave me to see fruit; the Lord gave me to see fruit in abundance; sinners were converted by scores; and ever since God has used me in one way or other in His service."

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Josh Litton said...

Great post!

I appreciate your blog and follow it. I myself have written some on my blog and in our organization's newsletters about George Muller. Thanks for sharing.

I hope you will take some time to review and perhaps follow my blog. May it be encouraging to you as you have encouraged me.