Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Man of Faith

Please click here for a pdf. document which shares the story...George Muller...Man of Faith.

Enjoy and...may your faith be strengthened in the God who never fails and always remains faithful.


Colby said...


My name is Colby Berry. I see that you are an avid respecter of George Muller, and it seems you might be the one that would be most helpful to me. Have you by any chance every heard a source to buy a printed copy of Mr. Muller's "A Narrative of some of the Lord's dealings with George Muller." I have many laborers in the faith I would love to bless with a copy of this writing. Looking forward to hearing back from you, Lord willing.

David Warren Fisher said...


Sorry I haven't responded until now. You can find a two-volume set of Muller's Narrative at Dust & Ashes Publications. Here is the link:

God bless you, brother.

David Fisher