Saturday, September 23, 2006

Review - Robber of the Cruel Streets

Yesterday I received my much anticipated copy of the DVD chronicling the life of George Muller, ROBBER OF THE CRUEL STREETS.

I put it in my notebook computer right away and I was not disappointed. This DVD was produced in Britain so the accents of the actors seemed "real".

The producers have done a real service to the present generation, many of whom are unaware of Mr. Muller and his legacy.

I've read much concerning Muller and by Muller himself. I feel that ROBBER OF THE CRUEL STREETS portrays the caregiver of 1,000's of orphans, fairly and accurately.

His friendship with two other godly men of his time, Henry Craik and Anthony Norris Groves is heartwarming.

Order a copy and get acquainted with this hero of the faith. The DVD is available through
Vision Video. Your faith will be challenged! What God did through George Muller...he can still perform today!

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