Thursday, February 15, 2007

If You're Into Numbers

Just thought you might be interested in some of these figures:

In reviewing the 63 years he spent in a faith ministry, the results are staggering.

The schools collectively had 121,683 students.
The orphanage had five (5) mammoth buildings.
He accommodated the needs of 10,000 orphans.
It is believed that 2,813 orphans left the institution as believers, and they in turn led thousands more to Christ.
It is believed that of the 2,000 students in the orphanage, when Mr. Muller closed his diary, 609 of them were believers.
The institution also distributed over 281,000 Bibles, nearly 1.5 million New Testaments, and over 111 million tracts.
Several hundred missionaries received financial assistance.
Sixty-three (63) foreign missionaries were sent out from his church alone.
He built 10 other churches.

Guess what! God can still do that today! O that we would exercise simple faith in a mighty God!


Douglas Case said...

I just ran across your blog and wanted to say thanks for taking the time to develop and maintain it. I've been familiar with George Muller for years but just within the last year or so I've taken keen interest in his and Hudson Taylors example...I plan on being an avid reader of this blog.

Thank you and Blessings,


PS. Regarding this particular post, there is no question of the spiritual legacy that George Muller left...I was just curious if you know if the actual orphan ministry exists today...I found on the web that the buildings God provided are now owned by a college in Bristol.

gracie said...

I was excited to see that the new issue of Randy Alcorn's Eternal Perspectives magazine featured some Mueller stories - including the amazingly beautiful fog story, and an interview a now dead pastor had with George before he died.

Terry said...

Dear David...Just so amazing that EACH child was counted right to the last one..not approximately, but the WHOLE amount!!
What a blessing that your hero was to this world and I think that the Lord is still increasing his work through people like you who refuse to let him and his orphanages be forgotten!
Just to think that so many of those orphans have been adopted by Jesus Himself and are now in Heaven with their Father! Just so incredible Pilgrim David!!!!...Love Terry