Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Muller's Boys and Girls

What a thrill to visit the George Muller Foundation office in Bristol, England recently and to be shown the original intake records when the boys and girls came to the orphanage.

Julian Marsh, the Executive Director of the Foundation, took me to the vault where records are kept and showed me the original book where George Muller himself recorded in his own handwriting the particulars concerning the first orphan who came to him.

Records are kept of all the thousands of boys and girls who subsequently came to the Muller orphanages.

I can only imagine the stories behind some of these dear children who were provided for by a sovereign God and His servant, George Muller. Here are a couple of pictures of some of the children in Muller's care. Everyone's name was recorded and, praise God, many of their names are in the Lamb's Book of Life as a result of their stay at Mullers and their commitment to Jesus Christ.


Terry said...

This is just so nice David!!

You know Bernie grew up in an orpahage himself. It was located in Smith Falls, Ontario.
It instilled into his life an upright and true character.
He had no mother or dad but a couple that worked there took a real liking to Bernie and had him in their home for weekends and holidays and took him to their cottage at Rideau Lake in the summer.
They are the "parents" that came all those miles to our wedding.

I just love the group pictures of these Muller children that you have here and I am sure that their lives with that godly George Muller were happy ones too...from Terry!

Sam said...
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Sam said...

Hi David,
Thanks for sharing your trip to England with us and as George Muller is one of my hero's thanks for the pictures and statistics. I have just now joined this "Blog" thing and your Blog is the first I have read. Interesting, however, a 'Wordsmith' I'm not and will be encouraged reading your 'blogging'!
From a breakfast 'buddy' while I lived in P'tbo. and ministered with Amicus.