Monday, March 05, 2007

My Long-Awaited Visit To Bristol

Wow! This morning (Monday) I took a taxi from my beautiful bed & breakfast home to the site of the five (5) Muller homes where thousands of orphans were cared for in a bygone day. What a thrill when the first building came into view! I've waited over 50 years to see those five gray, architectural masterpieces. These were state of the art buildings when there were erected in the 1800's. The City of Bristol College is now using the buildings. My taxi driver knew nothing of George Muller and neither did the receptionist in the college. I was quick to tell of his work and God's faithfulness!

They are renovating some of the buildings and I got a piece of stone from the corner of a building and another piece from a stone fence. I'll proudly display them in my office when I get home.

In the afternoon I was royally hosted at the Muller House at 7 Cotham Park by the Executive Director of the Muller Foundation, Julian Marsh, and his assistant, Wendy Clacker. What a joy to speak with them about the legacy that Mr. Muller left for the rest of the Body of Christ!
Julian and I spoke for a long time about God's faithfulness and His provision. I'll relate a story later (perhaps on my George Muller site) that Julian shared with me. It will thrill your heart. Julian gave me a wonderful tour of Bristol and took my to Arno's Vale Cemetary where George Muller was laid to rest.

Thanks so much Julian, Wendy and Liz. My visit was unforgettable!


Terry said...

David...I don't blame you for getting a couple of pieces of stone from your beloved building there in Bristol
When Bernie and I went out to Rivers, Manitoba where I used to live, and saw the houses had been sold and moved away ,and all that was left were gaping basments. I got myself a pile of the stones from our old homestead on the air force base to bring back to Ontario. To me it was better than a treasure!!
I can't wait to see the pictures you took of your "GEMS"!.... from Terry

Pilgrim ...Who would have ever thought in their wildest dreams that when you started this Muller blog that you would be actually over there taking these pictures?
I am so happy for you!!

We have a great God!!
We surely DO!

Douglas Case said...

What's the URL of the George Muller web sit you mention in this post?