Saturday, October 02, 2010

Thank You For Your Visit

Dear Friend:

Thank you for visiting our George Muller site today.  Each week I get a list of countries from which our visitors have contacted us or viewed this site.  It's amazing to see where you are from.  All corners of the world.

This morning when I checked the most recent 100 visits, there were visitors from the following countries:
  • Singapore
  • USA
  • Korea
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Portugal
  • England
  • Anguilla
  • Bahrain
  • Venezuela
  • Germany
  • Nigeria &
  • Mexico   plus Canada, of course.
Each one of you must have an interest in this unique man from the 19th century who simply trusted God.

I'm very grateful for your visits but I would like to know more about you.  What caused you to visit?  Tell us more about where you are from.  Where did you hear about George Muller?  How has he impacted your life?
Please leave us a comment regarding your visit.  Tell us more about what you'd like to read concerning our hero of the faith, George Muller.

Thanks again for your visit!  I hope to hear from you soon!

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God bless you richly!

David W. Fisher


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Jon Burke, I am a missionary in KZN, South Africa.

GM has inspired me because of his absolute trust and faith in God, our Father. I try and teach this on a daily basis



PS: I was also looking for some info on GM for the Daily Devotion I send out and write

Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin said...

Thank you for posting this blog about George Muller. His faith and dedication to Master Yahshua has profoundly touched my spirit. The testimony of his life brought me to the tears of repentance before my Elohim. I am deeply humbled and challenged.
Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin
Messianic Temple Beth El
Brooklyn, New York, USA

otop eta said...

I have of recent been under the impression that true faith lacking in the body of Christ. What we have now is some people doing things to help God (sic) rather than depend on Him.
I read about GM 20years ago from a small book I am still searching for. Yesterday it occured to me to search google and baaam. I can but say thanks you have just touched another life who wants to truely trust God all the way.

Claire said...

After reading Piper's "When I Don't Desire God," I became interested in Muller because one quote of his has become very profound and significant to me. He said (and this isn't a direct quote!) that he considered it his foremost duty each morning to spend time with God in order to make sure that his soul was happy in the Lord. I come needy to God each morning, realizing that apart from Him I can do nothing, and He meets me where I am. My soul delights in His presence, and I gain strength for the day ahead.

Piper and Joe Hensley said...

I have 6 bios on George Muller and continue to read them for encouragement to continue on in our amazing journey of faith to believe God to move the heart of man to give in response to our prayers for support & ministry! In 9 yrs God has never let us down. Exactly what we need is always there just when we need it!
Bless you for this blog!
Believing God!
Do you have a network of missionaries who live by such faith?

BillykidTN said...

Hello my name is Kris Oakes.I appreciate what you have done with connecting George Muller information.I am everyday thankful and amazed a how God meets us where we need the most.God bless.

BillykidTN said...

I am 38 years old from Knoxville,TN now living in Greenville,SC.I have been around church most of my life being from the southern United States.I always ran from God and what I called fake christians.I ultimately married and had 5 children.Ultimately in my running from God I couldn"t fill the void any longer I turned to drugs and lost my children and almost my wife.I heard about George Muller from my a friend who was a missionary in Cambodia and I never understood how he did what he did.In my search for getting my life back in order I met a man who invited me to church here in Greenville,SC and by the time the altar call came I was on my face in front of the Church wanting what they offered.Since I gave my life o the Lord my wife and I have started fresh and begin to learn to look to the Lord and not ourselves or another person.In Leaning on the Lord I begin to look for other people who showed us by example ways to do this and George Muller came back up and I have been a huge fan everyday since.When I ask God now in faith he seems to always show up and guide and provide for us.Sorry if long winded.Thanks Kris Oakes Greenville,SC