Saturday, November 20, 2010

Scriptural Knowledge Institution

The Scriptural Knowledge Institution was the first trust established by George Müller in 1834. It is now an office within the George Müller Charitable Trust and is used for sending gifts to those serving the Lord at home and overseas. We link this with daily prayer and are always delighted to receive letters and emails with news of God’s work around the world. It has been exciting to see the timing of particular gifts meeting specific needs at just the right moment. We have seen the principle of simple faith at work as God hears the cry of those in need, prompts those who give, and joins these together through prayer.

Gifts sent for the general purposes of SKI will be sent to those we know to be in particular need. It is possible to use various tax efficient giving schemes and further details can be obtained from Müller House. We do not deduct any charges but we are thankful to God for gifts that help with our costs. Each year we receive gifts that come with a request that we consider making a similar gift to Christian missionaries and organisations throughout the world. In order both to ensure that the charity’s objects are fulfilled and that Charity Commission guidance is followed, we must enquire of those workers and organisations concerning the nature of their work.

These workers are found in every continent, including the United Kingdom. Most are involved in long-term Christian service and are living by faith, not supported or employed by a large missionary organisation. Their activities embrace a variety of caring and evangelistic ministries and some are indigenous. In the past few years we have seen an amazing expansion in the activities of SKI, particularly our involvement with child sponsorship schemes and those caring for orphans and children in need. Indeed, SKI is probably funding the care of more orphans and needy children today than were being cared for in the Homes in the 19th century.

The work of SKI is now in its 175th year and its record of supporting workers over the years by the grace and provision of God has been exciting and challenging.

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