Monday, February 28, 2011

God Hasn't Changed...He's Still Faithful

A reader of our George Muller blog gives powerful testimony to the fact that God still provides today.

He writes:  

Hi David:

When I said we have no money, I guess it sounded negative in a way. We have been in operation for almost a year.We have NEVER been short on ANY need we have ever had. God has amazingly provided everything. Our van, our car, our website, toiletries, a work-out station. Even the men who come have the skills we need. I have also started a "building fund" in following with George Mueller's methods. We are so very blessed in every way. I am so excited to be a part of Gods kingdom. I read George Mueller's book when I was in a similar program to mine. They however charged a substantial amount of money to be there. We DO NOT charge to be in our program. Several people have come to know Christ through the witness of Gods provision for us. The statement " What happened with George Mueller is not a one time event, it will happen for anyone who trusts as he did". Well, my board of Directors even thinks I am a bit crazy, but now are seeing the power of a mighty God at work. Keep the Scriptures and quotes coming......I NEED IT DAILY.

Love in Jesus...

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