Sunday, February 27, 2011

Powerful Words

Could I truthfully voice the same sentiments that George Muller uttered when the only source of income and provision was God Himself?

Muller stated:
"But God, our infinite rich Treasurer, remains with us. It is this which gives me peace. Moreover if it pleases Him, with a work requiring about $264,000 a year...would I gladly pass through all these trials of faith with regard to means, if He only might be glorified, and His Church and the world benefited...I have placed myself in the position of having no means at all left; and 2,100 persons, not only daily at the table, but with everything else to be provided for, and all the funds gone; 189 missionaries to be assisted, and nothing whatever left; about one hundred schools with 9,000 scholars in them, to be entirely supported, and no means for them in hand; about four million tracts and tens of thousands of copies of the Holy Scriptures yearly now to be sent out, and all the money expended...I commit the whole work to Him, and He will provide me with what I need, in future also, though I know not whence the means are to come."

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Lyle Skillman said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the encouraging words form Muellers life. I am building a Mission House for men in recovery. We have no money and are living day by day. I read George's auto biography and am standing on the same premise as he did with the Lord. So far, EVERY need has been met. We are expanding now and need many things. I am excited to see how God is going to provide this. Lyle Skillman.